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Look to us to:

  • Reduce the headaches of property management; get rid of the day to day phone calls of problems!

  • We will review your contracts with vendors and aim to reduce leakage through tired contracts.

  • Source reliable contractors for: Electrical; Plumbing; HVAC; Snow removal; and roofing et al.

  • Review your leases and look at ways to increase your NOI.

  • Couple us with leasing your property, where we can source new tenants and help retain existing tenants.

  • Allow us to manage your property so you are free to go do what you do best, or to just spend more time enjoying your leisure activities.

We understand you may have done it on your own up to now


We understand many owners/landlords have been doing property management for a long time.  Isn't it time to enjoy the rewards of your investment and get out of the weeds of property management?  We have reduced expenditure on properties we manage and increased the occupancy - and hence the NOI - which will increase the sales price if you were to dispose of the property.  Take the time to sit back and let the cash flow increase without the worry of blocked toilets, leaking roof's and HVAC's that quit at the wrong time.


We can help retain existing tenants


Sometimes it is nice to keep that great tenant you have for another five or ten years.  We work alongside the tenants to ensure a harmonious environment for them to make money from tenancy at your location. It is usually much easier to keep an existing tenant than have vacant space and the expenditure required to obtain a new tenant.  We work with the tenant to ensure their needs are met, all the while controlling your expenditure.

Call us today to set an appointment to discuss how we can help.


Call us at 719-649-2688 or email us at

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